Are you moving, cleaning, remodeling, or demolishing a structure? Are you putting on a new roof, or do you just have too much junk to set out on the curb with your regular trash?  If so, McCutcheon Enterprises, Inc. (MEI) has a solution for you.   We offer 4 convenient sized trash boxes to choose from that can be delivered to your site for loading.

All boxes are available from both the Apollo, PA and Houston, PA areas. Call today for pricing. 

Apollo, PA 724-568-3623

Houston, PA 724-745-1082

Box Sizes:

  • 10 yard box = 10Ft. Long  X  8Ft. Wide X  4Ft. High
  • 20 yard box = 20Ft. Long  X  8Ft. Wide X  4Ft. High
  • 30 yard box = 20Ft. Long  X  8Ft. Wide X  6Ft. High
  • 40 yard box = 20Ft. Long  X  8Ft. Wide X  8Ft. High
  • All Boxes Have A Large Door That Swings Open.


Items that cannot be placed in the box:

  • Hazardous Materials
  • TV’s & Electronic Scrap
  • Universal Waste (Florescent Bulbs & Batteries)
  • Appliances
  • Air Conditioners
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Tires
  • Latex Paint
  • Anything Liquid
  • Pesticides

Any of these items, with the exception of Hazardous materials, can be accepted at our Discard Depot for an additional fee.

Box rental includes:

  • 14-day Rental Period
  • Disposal At A Predetermined Weight
  • All Delivery, And Pickup Charges

Additional charges will be incurred for placing any of the items listed above in the box, exceeding the 14-day period, or exceeding the predetermined weight.


Call today for pricing!

Do you have the ability to transport your trash to MEI? 

Check out our Discard Depot for disposal solutions.