Industrial Hygiene Services

Airborne Contaminant Surveys

By conducting air monitoring activities, airborne contaminants can be quantified in order to select or confirm exposure control measures.  Chemicals and particulates in the workplace can pose acute and chronic health hazards to workers.  Compliance with specific standards is mandatory for businesses and manufacturers in order to prevent overexposure.  We help companies develop monitoring plans, implement best practices, conduct monitoring requirements for your specific industry. 

Noise Control Surveys

We offer noise surveys and studies for determination of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) noise limit compliance in the workplace. the OSHA noise limits permit employees to be exposed to an average noise level of up to 90 dBA during an 8-hour working day. For 8-hour exposure of 85 dBA, precautions are required to protect employees, including a hearing conservation program and noise monitoring program. OSHA regulations permit assessment of noise levels in two ways:

  • Personal Sampling using sound dosimeters attached to employees. This technique is generally used when workers have high mobility and are exposed to varying noise levels.
  • Area sampling with the use of sound level meters to measure noise in work areas. The noise exposure of workers in calculated based on the time spent in the areas measured.
  • HST can give you direction on the type of monitoring applicable to your application and control measures best suited for your company.

Respiratory Protection

HST offers complete respirator fit testing services to keep compliant with OSHA regulations. We have trained and qualified professionals that can provide qualitative and quantitative fit testing at your workplace for your convenience. Fit testing can also be provided at our Apollo or Houston Location at a lower cost.

Types of respirators that we fit test include:

  • Disposable filtering-facepiece (i.e., N95, P100, etc.)

  • Half-face air purifying respirators 

  • Full face air purifying respirators 

  • Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)

PortaCount Rental Services:

Do you want to conduct your own fit testing? With our rental services, we can provide you with a daily, weekly, or monthly rental of our PortaCount fit tester. We offer our customers with training and vast knowledge of the equipment rented for free.

Asbestos Management

HST provides a full-service asbestos management program, including a review of the building’s background, a collection of bulk samples of suspected asbestos-containing building material (ACBM) and air samples, and a documented report of findings and recommendations.  HST can prevent or limit any legal actions employees or tenants, as well as regulatory fines imposed by occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) or local agencies, by providing careful inspection documentation, safe abatement procedures and contract administrative services for abatement services and find clearance.

Radiation Support Services

HST is here for you when you need help identifying and managing radioactive materials, including NORM (naturally occurring radioactive materials) and TENORM (technology enhanced naturally occurring radioactive materials). We can provide Radiation Safety officers for assistance with certain projects and conduct monitoring of waste, work areas, and structures.

Safety Consulting Services

OSHA Compliance and Safety Program Development

Ensuring compliance with OSHA regulations can be an overwhelming task.  We can simplify things for you by working with you one on one to ensure you are up to regulatory standards.  Our safety professionals collaborate with your company representatives to come up with a specialized set of programs, manuals, and procedures that exceed your companies’ specific needs. we complete thorough assessment of your operations and ensure OSHA standards are identified incorporated. After all programs, manuals, and procedures are incorporated, we can support your safety efforts by training your employees on your programs, implementing policies, and auditing the progress. 

Safety Audits and Inspections

Don’t wait for OSHA citations or incidents to determine your current deficiencies. Be proactive and allow our experienced safety professionals to conduct onsite safety and compliance audits for your specific operations. Whether you want to determine how seriously your employees take safety, or just want to know how safe they feel in your workplace, HST will help you improve safety, reduce incidents and increase morale for your company.

OSHA Inspection and Citation Assistance

Our qualified safety professionals have years of experience managing regulatory inspections and can help your team manage the OSHA inspection process from opening conference through informal discussions.

Recordkeeping and Documentation

We’ll assist you with OSHA’s statutory recordkeeping requirements, including OSHA 300 Logs,  archiving safety documents, health, evaluations, product information.